Hydrographics to give you a complete picture.

A full survey of underwater features and currents
so you know exactly what's going on.

Hydrographic Services Nationwide

Water related survey data to assist with planning, development and flood control.

Hydrography is used to give you precise measurements and descriptions of underwater features including bottom profiles, currents, depth and tides.  Whether you’re in construction, port and harbour maintenance or coastal engineering and management, our surveys help you plan accordingly.

Our highly qualified marine surveyors will come out to your site to provide you with detailed information and reports so you won’t have to deal with any hidden surprises. From rivers and estuarieslakes and reservoirs right through to ports, harbours and marinas, we’re here to help you.

Professional support for all your water based projects.

We offer a total solution to all your marine survey needs. Our friendly team is always happy to offer advice and support. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.