Hydrographic Surveys Nationwide

Hydrographic data and analysis

Whether you’re a local authority, statutory authority or a private developer who needs to know about the potential impact of rivers or floodplains on your project, come to Tom Bourne & Partners. Our highly skilled team offer a range of hydrographic services to enable you to plan for all possibilities.

Hydrographic surveys from highly trained professionals

Hydrography is the collation and analysis of information concerning underwater features such as depth, currents, tides and bottom profiles. Using cutting edge technology and various depth sounding techniques, we’ll put together a detailed picture of the waterway you’re concerned about so you can calculate the impact of all aspects of your project.

Our hydrographic data can be presented to you in a number of different formats to make it easy for you to interpret. We can carry out surveys of all manner of sites, including rivers and estuarieslakes and reservoirs and ports, harbours and marinas, so contact us today to discuss your needs.

To discuss surveying your near shore marine environment, contact us today.