Lakes & Reservoir Surveys Nationwide

Lakes and reservoirs expertly surveyed

Tom Bourne & Partners offers a variety of surveying techniques to meet the unique challenges of lake and reservoir surveys. Our surveys are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your projects to enable you to enjoy quality data gathered quickly and efficiently. Whatever information you need to move your project forward, we’re here to collate it for you.

Inshore hydrographic surveys whenever and wherever you need them

Our fleet of trailer-launched craft can reach almost any site, so you can benefit from our high-tech services. Using equipment such as real-time centimetre level GPS position fixing, current metering and magnetometers, we’ll gather a complete picture of the area, presenting our report in the format that best suits you.

As well as lakes and reservoirs, we can also bring our expertise to rivers and estuaries and ports, harbours and marinas, so no matter what type of site you’re working on, we’ll help you make the most appropriate plans.

Unsure of the condition of your lake bed, contact us today.