Ports, Harbours & Marinas Surveys Nationwide

Complete hydrographic solutions for ports, harbours and marinas

When you want an experienced hydrographic team, come to Tom Bourne & Partners. We have years of providing data to our clients, enabling them to pinpoint any possible concerns in ports, harbours or marinas so that you can avoid any potential problems further down the line.

A high-tech approach for the most accurate information possible.

We only use top of the range tools to enable us to provide you with the most detailed information available. Our experienced team has the expertise you need to place measuring equipment in the optimum positions to capture data about tides, currents, temperatures, etc.

We can also bring our skills to bear when it comes to surveying rivers and estuaries and lakes and reservoirs, so whatever the nature of your project, contact us today to arrange a detailed, professional hydrographic survey.

Make sure your port is safe for all shipping.