Rivers & Estuaries Surveyed Nationwide

Rivers and estuaries surveyed by trained professionals

Each hydrographic survey comes with its own unique challenges with river surveys being notoriously dangerous. Tom Bourne & Partners provides a range of bespoke hydrographic solutions to give you complete data with careful attention to safety. We use vessels decked out with the top of the range technology, including sector scan echo sounders, onboard processing and data displays and sidescan sonar to give you a precise understanding of the riverway.

Data analysis to your schedule in an easy to read format

Our reports can be presented in a number of different formats depending on how you need them. Following a river survey, we can generate a cross section and provide you with the data in hard copy, CAD or spreadsheet formats to enable you to analyse the information with flood modelling software.

Our versatile service also extends to lakes and reservoirs as well as ports, harbours and marinas, so whatever type of waterway you need to study, we’re here to help.

If you are concerned about flooding in your fields, contact us today.